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Our Mission

The mission of On Track Ministries is to introduce the racing community to a personal faith in Christ, encourage spiritual growth and promote active involvement in local church.  We carry out our mission by developing relationships that show care, share knowledge of God's Word, assist in shaping leadership skills, sending out chaplains and serving churches.

On Track Ministries hopes to mobilize believers in local churches to support the development of more young people who have a reason to face the future, more singles with a sense of fulfillment, more husbands and wives who honor one another, and more peaceful resolutions to disputes rather than bitterness and strife.

It is the mission of On Track Ministries to fulfill our purpose by working with the racing community, racers, fans and churches primarily in five ways:

Showing Care

The world of motor racing can be extremely stressful for the participants and their families due to the demands on personal time as well as the obvious physical dangers.  On Track Ministries cares for the individuals by providing chaplaincy, counseling, visitation and personal support through difficult times.

Sharing Knowledge

On Track Ministries offers opportunities for the racing community to learn and grow in knowledge of God through life issue studies, prayer time (individually and collectively), chapel services and Bible studies.  Interested individuals can also arrange for private Bible studies with an On Track Ministries chaplain.  Special Race Day services are designed to cultivate strong family and personal relationships, spiritual values and leadership are open to all members of the racing community.

Shaping Leaders

On Track Ministries assists those in the racing community in developing leadership skills. Using Biblical principles, these individuals may become leaders in their local churches, initiate ministries of their own or begin the process of leading others to Christ and helping them grow in Christlikeness. It is our hope that as these Christian leaders rise up within the racing community, they will become positive role models to others.

Sending Chaplains

There are over 1200 racetracks and over 2200 motocross tracks throughout the United States.  It is our goal to recruit chaplains to serve with On Track Ministries on the local track level, thus connecting local churches with local racetracks.  It is our desire to help establish as many chaplain ministries as possible on the local track level through area local churches.

Serving Churches

Realizing that ministry flows from the local church, it is our desire to be a blessing to churches and their pastors through special Race Day services, Revival and Stewardship Ministries, Retreats and Missions Conferences.  It is also our hope to challenge these churches to become involved with chaplain ministries at local racetracks in their community.